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Correlation analysis and clinical significance of serum omentin and adiponectin in patients with liver cirrhosis


  1. Second Department of Digestion, Central Hospital in Cangzhou,Cangzhou 061001,China
  • Online:2016-12-05 Published:2016-12-05
  • Contact: Corresponding author: Wei Xinliang,

Abstract: ObjectiveTo investigate the the relationship between the serum omentin, adiponectin levels in liver cirrhosis patients and the insulin, ChildPugh  grade, liver biochemical indexes and serum lipids. MethodsNintyseven patients with liver cirrhosis (A33, B32 and C32) patients and 32 cases of healthy controls were enrolled. Serum omentin, serum adiponectin and related clinical and biochemical parameters were observed in two groups. ResultsThe serum omentin and serum adiponectin levels in patients with liver cirrhosis were higher than those of  healthy control group (P<0.05). The omentin and adiponectin level showed no significant difference in A, B and C grade of liver cirrhosis group (P>0.05). There were no obvious correlation between serum omentin, adiponectin levels and HOMAIR, insulin levels in liver cirrhosis patients(r=-0.135,P=0.277,r=-0.171,P=0.166;r=-0.194,P=0.115,r=-0.102,P=0.401).The level of omentin was positively correlated with adiponectin and albumin(r=0.447,P=0.00;r=0.225,P=0.037).And the level of adiponectin was positively correlated with highdensity  lipoprotein (r=0.264,P=0.036),but negtively correlated with prothrombin time(r=-0.306,P=0.014).  The areas under the ROC curves of omentin and adiponectin were 0.761 and 0.918, rspectively and the cutoff values for liver cirrhosis prediction were 905.18  ng/L  and  763.85  μg/L. And the adiponectin had higher sensitivity for the diagnostic value. ConclusionThe omentin and adiponectin  can be used as prediction indexes of liver cirrhosis, but not be used to evaluate  the severity of liver function in liver cirrhosis.

Key words: liver cirrhosis, omentin, adiponectin, childpugh grades, insulin resistance