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Treatment of  relapsed or refractory  mantle cell lymphoma


  1. Department of Hematology,  The First Ren Min Hospital of Yancheng,  Yancheng 224000, China
  • Online:2019-06-20 Published:2019-06-20
  • Contact: Corresponding author: Xu Hao,

Abstract: Mantle cell lymphoma(MCL) is an aggressive Bcell nonHodgkin's lymphoma with a variety of clinical manifestations in the elderly. At present,  there is no standard specific treatment for the relapsed patients. Recently,  several new drugs have been developed,  which can improve the prognosis of relapsed and refractory MCL. This article reviews the new drugs that have been introduced to the treatment of these patients in recent years.

Key words: mantle cell lymphoma, B cell receptor, new drugs; , prognosis